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Updated: Nov 23, 2018

What makes Spicy Streats' food taste so much different than every other Mexican restaurant in town?

“Every restaurant has access to the same resources, same suppliers, same products. Yet, there is something that makes our food uniquely delicious.”

We believe that the three values we have based our company on are the reason we are able to create such unique food.




These three words are the driving force behind all our recipes, culture, and business decisions.

There's a story we love sharing with our customers.

During one of our first couple of days in business my brothers and I were working our butts off trying to get this restaurant thing to gain some momentum. We noticed from our customers at the time, (There were like 15 of you...you know who you are) that they were having a ton of issues with other restaurants and their lack of consistency. So we thought, "What can we do to make sure we don't turn into that?"

We decided that we needed to have a fixed recipe we were going to use so our food was always the exact same. We worked all night trying to find the perfect combinations. Finally, after many hours, we were sure we had it. Success! ...or so we thought.

Our mom, who's recipes we've been working with, comes in to the restaurant to see what her three delusional children are up to. We explain to her what we've been trying to do and tell her we found the perfect combination of ingredients for the perfect carne asada taco. She's excited for us, so she grabs a fork, dips it in the carne asada, pulls out a nice juicy amount, places it on a tortilla and tastes it. My brothers and I were thinking, oh she's gonna be so proud. She then looks at our large batch of carne asada, which we were ready to use for our lunch service, grabs it and throws it straight into the trash. We were in disbelief with what she had just done. This woman is trying to sabotage us!

However, her next words changed everything for us...

“You cannot simply put the 'right' amount of ingredients together and believe it will always taste perfect. I can taste the emotions you were feeling when you made this and this is the most frustrated, pre-cautious, and scared taco I've ever had.”

I'm normally not one to wear my emotions on my sleeve, I'm honestly rather good at hiding them, but she perfectly read how we'd been feeling about not only that recipe but our new venture just from taking a bite out of a simple taco.

So what did we learn from this, aside from the fact that I need to be making tacos for my therapist and in turn saving hours of our time?

Passion - We need to put passion in our food. We need to go beyond ingredients and really have a heart for what we're doing even if it's as simple as putting meat in a tortilla and calling it a taco.

Simplicity - Overcomplicating things makes it all harder in the long run. Keep it simple stupid

Authenticity - Be real. Don't try to hide who you are or what you're feeling because at the end of the day we can taste it in the food.

These three ingredients are what makes our food, some of the best out there.

P.S. Now I'm starting to understand why there is not a single measuring cup in our mom's house...

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